Welcome to Palash Foundation

  • About Us

    Palash Foundation is an NGO based out of Kolkata operating across India promoting the youngsters towards Entrepreneurship. Scarcity of jobs, lack of guidance and non availability of funds makes thousands of youngsters sit idle with their talent underutilized or neglected.
    Palash Foundation gives wings to those dreams and promotes living with a cause for these youngsters creating self employment and self respect.
    The foundation is run by visionaries from different fields who promote the cause of self independence and work relentlessly to identify talent in order to offer them the platform every individual should deserve.
    Promoting small scale unrecognized sector it helps individuals open up small units by way of Loans, grants, various forms of tie ups, intellectual assistance and much more.
    As the youth population in India has been increasing over the years, so have the opportunities for them. Young people today are spoiled for choices not only when it comes to securing an education and career but especially where lifestyle choices are concerned. However, the truth is that a majority India's youth do not enjoy privilege of making this choice. Their lives are ridden with problems ranging from financial difficulties, to lack of educational opportunities, to unemployment and more. It's time we realized their potential as the future of the country and supported more youth development programs.

  • We stand committed to few of our principles :

    Inspire– Our passion and commitment not only drives us but inspires society at large to create the change we envision.
    Volunteerism – We promote volunteerism as a way of life among the people of this nation
    Team Work – We believe that team work will help us achieve the best possible outcomes and overcome challenges effectively. This includes developing mutual trust, working in harmony, providing constructive feedback towards individual and team development. Continuous Improvement – By constant learning, creativity, innovation and feedback, we believe a culture of continuous improvement will help in creating a bigger impact.